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Address: Torggatan 1, 590 37 Kisa Show map

Address: Torggatan 1, 590 37 Kisa

Experience the fantastic scenery of Kinda - many lakes, enchanting forest, high hills and deep valleys. The "Game Safari in Kinda" takes you to the region's most beautiful areas!

Our knowledgeable guides will provide for you an interesting and memorable evening. We start the Safari by meeting up at the Market Square in Kisa. From there we drive to a scenic place where you will learn more about larger game in Sweden. We will look for roe deer, fallow deer, bager, moufflon (wild sheep) and hares. If we are really lucky, we might catch a glimpse of an elk (European moose), see a fox or some boar, and maybe even lynx.

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    Torggatan 1
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    590 37 Kisa
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