Gripenberg Manor

Address: Gripenbergs gård, 573 92 Tranås Show map

Address: Gripenbergs gård, 573 92 Tranås

This unique building is privately owned and is not open to the general public, but do stop and take a look at one of Sweden’s oldest preserved wooden manors. Built in the years 1663–1666 as a hunting chalet for Field Marshal Carl-Gustav Wrangel, who received some 70 farms in the area as a gift from Queen Kristina, the manor is believed to have been designed by architect Nicodemus Tessin the elder. The main building has a Carolinian style and was originally painted red. At the start of the 18th century, Henrik Rehbinder took over the property, and later sold it to Samuel af Söderling. Descendents of Söderling still own and live in the manor today.

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    Gripenbergs gård
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    573 92 Tranås
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